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About Cassy

About Cassy

I'm Cassy, and I am a full time photographer whose passion is to capture the emotion of a moment, and for my photography to make a difference. 

My daughter, Prosecco ( I like bubbles ), Any animal ( 3 cats and counting ), Cheese, Open fires,
A bookshop, The seasons ( as in the weather not Vivaldi ), Yurts, The rapids at Center Parcs,
Booking flights abroad on a whim, High thread count Egyptian cotton bedsheets, 
Colour coding books ( not just in my own home)

To raise a happy daughter who has the courage to be herself in spite of the pressure to conform, 
To write a book (who doesn't have this), For my photography to make a positive difference, 
To stop questioning my ability, To be a foster parent, To eat less cheese, To run further than to my car,
To have chickens (and a runner duck), To not kill plants,

Compassion, Openness, Fearlessly loving parenting, Brutally honest, Sees the best in everyone,
Uniquely enthusiastic about EVERYTHING, Warm, Funny ( so you say, I still think its a cover story for laughing at me ..... ), Serves tea in bone china only, Sees beauty in everything and everyone,
Has an unrealistic faith in humanity (it's a good thing), Intuitive to the point of slightly scary,
Massive social conscience, Crime Scene Investigation (no longer relevant but most certainly a strength!),
Reminds people who they used to be before they got all grown up, Helps people to see their own strength and beauty, Talks to strangers (they are not all strange), 

Any cause ( I'm soft ), Saying no ( I'm rubbish at it ), Impatience, Talking before thinking occasionally, Saying I'm ok when I'm not quite ok, Homeless people (Its just not ok to ignore people),
Easily distracted ( unless you're a customer reading this in which case I am NEVER distracted, EVER),
Way too honest (see strengths)